Mental Health Liaison Worker 

 Offers confidential meetings, referrals, advocacy and
workshops. The coordinator networks with other agencies and researches information on
various mental health issues while supporting client’s needs.

Contact: Peter Loy Phone: 250-627- 1717 ext. 30


Alcohol and Drug Program 

The counselor works with clients in developing personalized treatment plans and strategies, to deal with his/her addiction issues; and provides referrals to treatment centers and programs when needed.


Contact:  Katie Mierau    Phone: 250-627-1717 ext. 15

Youth Justice Worker

The Youth Justice Worker Program works with referred clients from the Youth Probation Worker at MCFD targeting intensive support and supervision, individual goals, needs and requirements.  Desired outcomes include Resume building, job search, completing community service hours, maintaining school attendance and being involved in pro-social activities in the community.

Contact Alayna Brown   Phone: 250-627-1717 ext. 16

Aama Goot Aboriginal Women's Wellness Program - Ladyz Club.jpg

Aama Goot Aboriginal Women’s Wellness Program

Provides health-related information and services in a
multi-directional manner that is respectful of each woman’s current condition. Every woman will be viewed as
a primary influence in her family and any positive change in her mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health will benefit the family unit. Workshops and information sessions are ongoing